Jahaz Mahal – Mandu

About :-

Carved in with the brilliance of craftsmen from Delhi, Jahaz Mahal may be a jewel designed somewhere around 1436-1439. The Mahal is standing within the middle of 2 lakes Saccharum munja Talao and Kapur Talao; upon a slender strip of land. This makes Jahaz Mahal look as if it’s floating.

Jahaz Mahal may be a rectangular structure, 3 feet tall with 2 floors and thick walls. On the japanese facet, the Gothic arch entrance is put in. These arched gap is any secluded by Chajja (awnings) and stands on stone brackets. within the fort, there ar 3 immense halls, separated by corridors, having little rooms within the finish. Northern finish of the terrace results in a shower with broad steps leading into it. The palace appearance even prettier with its fountains and cascades.

Timing And Fees :-

6:00 AM To 7:00 PM

Cemara Fees :- 

25Rs .

100 Rs. For Foreigners & 5 Rs. Indian  

Jahal Mahal - Location
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